OnirIC web series

In OnirIC sci-fy web series, still being produced by Café 19, the story takes place in a shared dream company. A graphic charter has to be designed for the company, which gave its colors to the series.

This project notably involved incrustation, vectorial drawing, 2D animation (motion design) and 3D imagery techniques.

Festibrique ! festival

Festibrique ! is an improvisation theater festival organized by la Brique (Toulouse) in 2020 (unfortunately the edition was canceled due to the COVID-19 situation).

I worked on the whole graphic charter used for the promotion of the festival.

This project involved techniques from matrix and vectorial imagery for different mediums (web, printing on paper and fabric)

Café 19

I work in collaboration on Café 19 video collective graphic charter, used on social networks and for distribution.

This project involved techniques from vectorial drawing, animation (motion design and 3D animation) and 3D imagery.