Physical simulation – Glass sphere explosion

In the short film Instants, it was necessary to simulate the explosion of a glass sphere hitting the floor, in a church where it would not have been possible to brake some real glass.

Real lighting was captured during the shooting to help improving the quality of the final incrustation.

Motion design – OnirIC web series

In OnirIC sci-fi web series, still being produced by Café 19, the story takes place in a shared dream company. Several effects had to be designed for the series itself.

Season 1 was financed thanks to a crowdfunding campaign using Ulule platform. This campaign also involved the creation of visual effects in the associated promotional video shown here.

This project notably involves incrustation, tracking, vectorial drawing, 2D animation (motion design) and 3D imagery techniques.

Corrections – License plate replacement

Here, in order to keep this car’s license plate anonymous, it was replaced during post-production.

This correction notably involved incrustation and tracking techniques.

Original film : Émission 2557