A passion for picture

I was always passionate about visual arts and more particularly digital arts. I made my first steps in 3d modelling before being involved in the conception of numerous logos and communication mediums. Finally, film making and post-production became my main activities.


Carried by the desire to tell stories and to take on a journey the people to whom they are told, I involved myself in narrative arts : theater and more precisely improvisation theater and screenwriting and direction of fiction films.

The Cinema

The cinema gathers those passions and thus became a major mean of artistic expression to me.
During my studies, I had the chance to meet other passionate people and to have access to video production means. This allowed me to get involved in numerous film projects. It is along those lines that Xavier de Capèle and I co-founded Café 19 collective, gathering about 15 people to produce fiction films.
Within the collective, I work as screenwriter, director, video editor and visual effects artist, collaborating with other members.